Friday, September 6, 2013

Life on the Redwood Coast ...

I have to admit, life here in Northern California is still a bit of an adjustment for me.  Things are so beautiful and green in Humboldt County -- so WHY is it such an adjustment?  I guess it has to do with me and how I react to change.  Change is difficult for me, even if the change is something that I have chosen.

I spent the first 36 years of my life in Los Angeles County, California.  I guess this makes me a "City Mouse" in many ways, and there are many things I miss about Southern California even though I left there 12 years ago.  I can say that I do not miss the traffic.  Or the smog.  But I still have family and friends there.  I love the museums.  There are so many great ethnic restaurants.  And there's the Hollywood Bowl.  And the Greek Theater.

Ferndale is a very small town -- even in relation to the other "small" towns I have lived in.  There is something both comforting and terrifying about that.  Comforting, because you walk down the street and people wave as they drive by, or holler after you when you pass the shops on Main Street.  Terrifying, because ... you walk down the street and people wave or holler and you still can't get used to everyone seeming to know you.

Still, it is lovely here and I think I might even adjust. After all, it has only been 12 years since I left Los Angeles, and I have ALMOST adjusted to that!

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Mia said...

L.A. misses you!